Call for applications:Part-time English lecturer

Call for applications:Part-time English lecturer


1.Job name/number of staff
part-time lecturer (adjunct lecturer)/a few persons


2.Job location
Tottori University of Environmental Studies, General Education Center (1-1-1 Wakabadai-kita, Tottori 689-1111)


3.Term of employment
One year (Contract may be renewed 4 times, for a maximum length of service of 5 years)


4.Subject classification
Foreign language


5.Courses to be taught
Intensive English 1 to 8 (first and second semester), a total of eight, 90-minute koma. Each koma is divided into two, 45-minute class periods. For specific information, please look at the syllabi on the university webpage.


6.Application requirements

  1. Experience as a full-time university lecturer or above, with the ability to conduct both education and research, and a history of exemplary job performance
  2. MA or above (including degrees awarded outside Japan), with a minimum of three years’ experience as an assistant teacher, with the ability to teach and conduct research, or equivalent experience
  3. Doctoral level study, combined with the ability to teach and conduct research, or equivalent experience
  4. Outstanding knowledge and achievements in the applicant’s field of study, able to fulfill the requirements of the university rules, and meeting the requirements of the university personnel committee


7.Application materials
(Please make certain that all application materials arrive by the deadline.)

  1. Resume/CV (including work history, with attached documentation) Include academic history, degrees awarded, diploma number if applicable, date of graduation, and name of institution awarding degree(s).
  2. Educational research results
    ※Forms for numbers 1 and 2 above can be downloaded from the university website.
     様式1【個人調書】(docx: 20KB)様式2【教育研究業績書】(docx: 19KB)
     Form 1【personal history (resume)】(docx: 20KB)Form 2【research history】(docx: 19KB)
    Submit all documents in A4 format.


8.Application deadline
Monday, January 21, 2019 (postmarked)


9.Date of employment
April 1, 2019


As set forth in university regulations


11.Date of retirement
Not applicable


12.Send application materials to
Teacher Recruitment, General Affairs Section
Tottori University of Environmental Studies
1-1-1 Wakabadai-kita
Tottori 689-1111
(Note: Indicate in red on the envelope “contains application for part-time lecturer, General Education Center” and send by registered mail, Letter Pack Plus, or delivery service.)


13.Application documents will be screened, followed by an interview (from February 4 to February 8). Applicants will be notified of the results of the screening process by post.


Contact the General Affairs Section, Teacher Recruitment by email or facsimile.
FAX 0857-38-6717
※Email is preferred.


15. Other information
At TUES, Intensive English classes meet for 45 minutes, twice a week. Classes are held either on Monday and Thursday, OR Tuesday and Friday. It is expected that the same teacher will teach both days. Intensive English classes are held only in the mornings.
Please note that application materials will not be returned.


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